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Lara, University Student, Goettingen

Thank you so much for all your help with my German. You have been a very patient and fun teacher. Vielen Dank und Auf Wiedersehen

Miki, Engineer, Galati Romania

Lessons were well structured around three areas, with proper content-vocabulary grammar and conversation. I enjoyed the way you motivated me to break down my fear of speaking English and I really discovered after each lesson how much I had improved.   

Alex G

My name is Alex and I work at BBGR as a Logistics Technician, BBGR have provided me with English course. I'm glad that I can improve my English. I need this English course to improve my communication with people and above all for self development. I have had 17 lessons and have learnt many different things like punctuation, writing emails, prefixes and more.

Graham W, Stratford-upon-Avon

Christine has improved my German no end in the short term I have been with her. I had been going to night classes but I find the one to one with her much better, she is very easy to get on with and is very patient, could not recommend her teaching any more. 

Anthony, Father of John, a 15 year old school student

Christine has been giving my elder son extra tuition in German, his second foreign language to help him prepare for his GCSE exam in a year’s time. Her tuition has given him an added stimulus to his learning reflected in improving school grades and a suggestion from his school that he would be a suitable A level candidate in the subject.

She also helped me revise my spoken German & German grammar prior to an intensive exchange programme I was due to undertake in the course of my professional duties. I found her tutoring relaxed, helpful and of great benefit.

Julia N, Senior Engineer, Moscow

I want to thank Christine for her great job. Christine helped me not just improve the level of my English but also explore more about English culture and mentality which is very interesting and valuable for me as I work in British company.

The course also made understand the big difference between studying with just a native speaker and a professional English teacher with many years of experience. Christine has got an individual attitude and program where she considers student’s priorities; she may easily identify weak areas and help to improve it.

Combination of her professional skills and very interesting, positive personality made me enjoy the studying process and make big progress.

Baljinder S

This piece of work was set as my homework; I have been working for BBGR since 2006. I have been given the opportunity to improve my English by completing a course. I started my course in September 2016.

By undertaking this course I have improved my English magnificently as my sentences are more structured, I use punctuation correctly and my spelling has improved too. Furthermore I will be able to communicate with people effectively.

Marco M

Moving to a different country is a very challenging experience. You must understand how your new home works, and acquiring a deep understanding requires you to listen carefully. So far I've covered many different things to improve my communication in a business environment. From specific grammar details to correct organisation of ideas when writing an e-mail, going through proper pronunciation and also caring about the 'tone' can change when saying something with only a slight change in the structure.

I think one of the most important things for success at work, and also in other aspects of life is being confident. You must believe in yourself before anyone else does and confidence comes from good communication skills.

Andrew S, Dorridge

I am a total beginner in German, in my 50s, with a son who lives in Hamburg, with his German girlfriend and my very first grandchild. At this stage, at least, I simply want to familiarise myself with the basics of the language, some elementary vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Christine is very patient and flexible, able to tailor the tuition very swiftly to my fairly random wishes. She is very easy to engage in conversation about a wide range of topics, making lessons informative, interesting and enjoyable. She clearly has a very strong grasp of the language, but also of German life and culture, with an enthusiasm that shines out. I would heartily recommend her.”

Indu P

First, I was very excited about this course! The reason I needed to go on the course was to improve my understanding of the phonics system in English.

Overall this course has helped me improve my writing skills and usage of verbs in simple sentences. It has made me more confident to write emails and letters in the workplace as an administrator at BBGR.

Parents of Fred, school student, Solihull

Christine originally came to us to for one session a week to help my son with his IGCSE German. He enjoyed the sessions so much and got so much out of them that, following a great exam result, he has voluntarily kept up his weekly session with Christine to carry on improving his German!"

Parents of Niklas, Grammar School Student, Frankfurt, Germany

Niklas has lost his shyness about speaking English and we know that he has gaps in his grammar knowledge that you are helping him to fill. (Niklas überwindet damit seine Scheu, auf Englisch zu reden und wir wissen, dass er grammatikalisch noch einigen Lücken hat, die Sie ihm helfen können, zu beseitigen)

Liesma Z

My name is Liesma and I am originally from Latvia. I have been living in England for 6 years. My first spoken language is Latvian, I also speak and write Russian and have a basic knowledge of the English language. I am happy with this course and thankful I have had the opportunity and that our company has set up this programme.

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