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I would like to recommend Christine as a professional English teacher. I had English lessons with Christine by Skype and I am grateful her for my speaking and listening skills improving. We started our lessons within the framework of preparing to Business English Certificate exam (Vantage level). Christine has rich experience, it already was obvious from free test lesson . I like your systematic and responsible approach to work and clear British pronunciation. The first step was a complex test of English knowledge. After it Christine was preparing individual program before each lesson. Thanks to it we had an opportunity to pay attention on my specific tasks and my speed of English studying. Now I can speak in English without my native language help ( I don't use a Russian dictionary, even if I don't know English variant, I strive to speak using only English). It is my and Christine's achievement. Early on I often used my native language in conversation. Also I would like to note BEC is British exam and in preparing to it your teacher had to know peculiarities of European business and to understand cultural differences. Christine has worked in international companies, she has theoretical and practical knowledge of business. Christine is carried away teaching and an interesting person. I like to study English with her and I am going to continue to do it and further..     

Anna Isakova, Sales Manager St Petersberg, Russia


Thank you so much for all your help with my German. You have been a very patient and fun teacher and I will post feedback on the First Tutors website soon. Vielen Dank und Auf Wiedersehen  

Lara, University Student, Goettingen


I want to thank Christine for her great job. Christine helped me not just improve the level of my English but also explore more about English culture and mentality which is very interesting and valuable for me as I work in British company. 
The course also made understand the big difference between studying with just a native speaker and a professional English teacher with many years of experience. Christine has got an individual attitude and program where she considers student’s priorities; she may easily identify weak areas and help to improve it. 
Combination of her professional skills and very interesting, positive personality made me enjoy the studying process and make big progress.    

Julia Novitchenko, Senior Engineer, Moscow


Christine has improved my German no end in the short term I have been with her. I had been going to night classes but I find the one to one with her much better, she is very easy to get on with and is very patient, could not recommend her teaching any more.             

Graham White, Stratford-upon-Avon


Niklas has lost his shyness about speaking English and we know that he has gaps in his grammar knowledge that you are helping him to fill. (Niklas überwindet damit seine Scheu, auf Englisch zu reden und wir wissen, dass er grammatikalisch noch einigen Lücken hat, die Sie ihm helfen können, zu beseitigen)

Parents of Niklas, Grammar School Student, Frankfurt, Germany


Lessons were well structured around three areas, with proper content-vocabulary grammar and conversation. I enjoyed the way you motivated me to break down my fear of speaking English and I really discovered after each lesson how much I had improved.        

Miki, Engineer, Galati Romania


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