Sample Lesson Style 2

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Programme for a young learner from China (age 12)


Occupation: School Student COUNTRY: China STANDARD: Beginner CEF A1
Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4

Induction-Talking about me, my family, my English

Phonics- simple alphabet sounds and spelling (initial assessment of level)

Homework- RE help with Judaism symbols and meanings

Plenary-short review of lesson

Warm-up-talking about my dog

Phonics- simple alphabet sounds 2 (on-going assessment) and spelling of simple words using phonics

Parts of the Body- vocabulary 1. Draw and label body.

Homework- help to form and write sentences about William the Conqueror.

Plenary-short review of lesson

Warm -up – point and tell, parts of the body

Phonics- more complex combinations of letters (graphemes)
Eg sh, th, ch, qu,-

Numbers- using dice for adding, multiplying, dividing etc  

Plurals -s and -es

Homework help- History- Magna Carta-writing sentences

Plenary- short review of lesson

Short review of lesson

Warm-up- talking about family members and relations (revise family vocabulary)

Phonics- -ing,-er,
Activities and sports with –ing, vocabulary, talking about my hobbies

Homework help- explain and show art task.
History- more sentences and vocabulary about kings and queens of England.

Plenary-short review of lesson

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